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The story of Cap Coch & what happened at the New Inn, Merthyr Mawr

What connects the ‘Dipping Bridge’ in Merthyr Mawr (near Bridgend) with the most notorious murderer and highwayman in 18th century Glamorgan? 🐎💀

I have gone back to where it all happened to piece together the history of that time and bring it alive. 

This video is all about the man at the centre of this controversy, the veracious outlaw; ‘Cap Coch’. It looks at

▶️Who he was, 

▶️The crimes he committed, 

▶️What happened to him, 

▶️How murder and robbery could happen on such a scale in what seems to be a peaceful, quiet spot. 

▶️And how he evaded justice for so long.

I really hope you enjoy it – running time 12 minutes – feel free to share on your socials. Great introduction to history if you have kids or grandkids who are curious about what used to go on in and around  Bridgend in the olden days.

Exert from Yates’ Map of Glamorgan showing Merthyr Mawr and surrounding area dated 1799

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