Graham Loveluck-Edwards on Welsh History

Graham Loveluck-Edwards; historian, author, lecturer, columnist and broadcaster

Historian, author, broadcaster and columnist. Specialising in the legends and history of Wales.

Books on Welsh history, legends and folklore
Books by Graham Loveluck-Edwards

Buy books on the history & folklore of Wales

Have you read my best selling books on Welsh history and folklore? They are informative and entertaining. Furthermore, they have five star ratings on Amazon. Visit the online book shop on the button below to read a synopsis on each, reader reviews and deals you will not find in the shops.

History talks and lectures by Graham Loveluck-Edwards
History talk to a group of ramblers

Talks, lectures and tours

I am frequently asked to give talks and lectures on Welsh folklore and history. These can be tailored to any audience or age group. From primary school to seasoned history scholars. Equally important, they also offer great value for money. Contact me for availability and fees.

Radio TV and Video history presenter
My regular show; ‘History on your doorstep’ on Bro Radio

TV, radio and Broadcast media

I present a popular radio show about Welsh history and folklore on Bro Radio.

I also make short films and documentaries and my YouTube channel is packed with videos on the history and folklore of Wales. Contact me for hosting and guest appearance enquiries.

If you ever want to catch me on the road, I also take part in craft fairs and shows across South Wales to meet fellow historians and talk all things historic while selling copies of my books.

Finally, below is a selection of videos I have produced on Welsh history. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel on the link below. In addition to seeing the whole selection I have already made, you also get notifications of new material.

Video Library

The legend of Cap Coch of Merthyr Mawr near Bridgend. The murdering highwayman
Llantwit Major, monks, pirates and royal students
When King Arthur and William The Conqueror past Llantrisant and Maesteg.
Medieval and Tudor justice in Caerphilly and Cardiff. From trials by ordeal to common language derived from the gallows

See more on my You Tube channel @user/GrahamLoveluck


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You often hear people (of a certain age) reminiscing about lost institutions they used to know and love. Maybe it’s the chapel their nana used to go to that’s flats now. Or the local cinema that they used to queue up outside every Saturday that today is just a car park. However, it’s not very…

The Glamorgan County Lunatic Asylum

In the 19th century a series of hospitals were built near Bridgend – specifically Glanrhyd, Parc and Penyfai. They were all part of the institution known as the Glamorgan Asylum. But what went on there? Is it the place of horrors so many of us imagine? We have probably all heard stories that these were…

The dark truth behind nursery rhymes & lullabies.

We sing them to our children because they have jaunty little tunes, and seem to be full of fluffy imagery and childhood innocence. But a lot of them, on closer examination, are pretty dark. They are about some of the most brutal and unsavoury episodes in our history. Disease, death, religious intolerance, war and torture.…

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