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Graham loveluck-Edwards presents the ‘History On My doorstep’ show on Bro Radio


I host a popular, monthly radio show on Bro Radio called ‘History on your doorstep’. It is a discussion ‘chat’ show focussed on local history.

Every month I choose a place, event, or personality from our local history. I invite guests and interview them to bring the past to life. Each programme last an hour and subjects covered range from medieval castles and monasteries to railways and the modern legacy of the RAF.

The shows are also captured on video to share on You Tube. Here is an example:

I have also done guest appearances as a ‘history and folklore expert’ on several radio shows.

Here is an example of one of my radio shows. This one was all about the ancient monasteries in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Video & TV

I produce short films about the history and folklore of Wales. They are designed to entertain as well as educate. They are very popular and are available to watch on You Tube. Click the button below to see what is available and please, subscribe to my channel.

black camera recorder

The content of these videos includes footage of me delivering talks, recordings of my radio shows with additional visual content to pieces to camera exploring the fascinating history of our area. There is usually a cross over between the subjects covered in these videos and those in my books.

Guest History Expert

I often provide commentary and expertise to radio or TV programme makers and film makers. Either for research or to speak as a guest expert. I can talk in general terms about national history as well as my specialist areas of welsh history and folklore.

Whether acting as a co-presenter or a guest, I can share my historical knowledge to add relevant content to any number of TV shows. Most obviously those whose principal topic would be walking, antiques and archeology.

The context of history of people and places can add a whole new dimension to a discussion so there are numerous applications for what I have to offer in this respect. If you want to find out more, click the contact me button for details.

Looking for photos of Graham Loveluck-Edwards?

I have a full portfolio of head shots available for use on this site. For press releases and casting purposes. Please click the button below to view.


“Graham’s breadth of knowledge and expertise was wide ranging and awesome and his talks and contributions were engaging, entertaining and popular… He is a successful author and is able to tailor his talks and content to different audiences and I would completely recommend his services as an historical speaker and presenter…….and he’s a really good guy!.”

— Chris Jones, Presenter and Broadcaster

TV presenter and broadcaster Chris Jones
TV Presenter and broadcaster Chris Jones

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