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Discussing the ancient monasteries of the Vale of Glamorgan

Did you know that it is likely that Christianity in Wales started in Llantwit Major? That monks from institutions in the Vale of Glamorgan between the fifth and sixth centuries established ministries throughout Britain, Ireland and Northern France? In this video I discuss this fascinating history with author and historian Philip Morris. We look at…

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The Original Maid of Sker

I am sure many students of literature will be familiar with the romantic novel by RD Blackmore called ‘The Maid of Sker’. You may or may not also be aware that the author grew up in the village of Nottage near Porthcawl. It is Sker house at the end of the dunes in Kenfig that…

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The Miracle of St Donats

I was recently contacted by someone living in Australia who was trying to retrace their roots growing up in the Vale of Glamorgan. She was asking about stories she had heard as a child of a supposed miracle in the coastal village of Marcross between Llantwit Major and Wick and wanted to know if I…

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The Romans in Barry

What brings people to Barry? Memories of Gavin and Stacey? The beaches? The funfairs and arcades? Or the Roman remains? If it is not already the latter then let me put that right. In this video I take you on a guided tour of the fourth century remains at the Knap in Barry. I share…

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Keeping up with the Joneses in 17th C Fonmon

This often overlooked, gem of a stately home near Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan has an incredible and little known history going back 800 years. And it is still inhabited to this day. In this video, I talk about Fonmon Castle with Sir Brooke Boothby (BART).   It is his ancestral home. We also…

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The quirky family of Cadoc

No matter how embarrassing your father may have appeared to be when you were growing up, compared to St Cadoc, you had it easy. ‘Who is St Cadoc?’ you may be asking. I am sure you have noticed the many references to ‘Cadoc’ or ’Cadog’ around South Wales. In the names of churches, streets, wells,…

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The murder of Colyn Dolphin at Tresilian Bay

One of my favourite bits of folklore from the St Donats end of the Vale of Glamorgan is a tale of how a disgruntled aristocrat had his revenge on a pirate on a beach near Llantwit Major. A notorious seventeenth century pirate from Brittany in Northern France who was the scourge of merchant ships in…

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