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Ancient Welsh Folklore, Myths and Legends

My passion is ancient Welsh myths legends and folklore.

In recent years, there has been a huge resurgence in interest in the subject of ancient Celtic and British folklore, myths and legends. And not just amongst nostalgic over 50s. In February 2023, Alice Fisher published an article in The Guardian Newspaper. It reported how a whole new generation of under 30s are revelling in folklore, customs, and ancient rites. They are attending events like ‘The Green Man’ festival in Brecon in their droves. At such events things like storytelling, weaving corn dolls and Morris Dancing are the new rock ‘n’ roll.

This trend is only being fuelled by recent television programmes such as Steven Fry investigating the ‘Harry Potter’ style stories of folklore in the Forest of Dean and Jonathan Ross touring Britain and Ireland in his new series about ancient myths and legends.

It feeds into a general desire to reconnect with the earth and sits comfortably alongside movements like ‘Extinction Rebellion’.

It also provides people with a certain degree of escapism. We are undoubtedly living in difficult times. This post COVID world where living with a cost of living crisis is a day-to-day struggle for so many, people are falling in love with the notion of a simpler life. Harking back to a time where daily routines were based around the phases of the sun and moon and the ebb and flow of nature and the earth.

The result is that folklore, folk traditions, ancient customs, music, poetry, storytelling and all the Paraphernalia that goes with them are now all a bit of a Zeit Geist.

How can I help you?

I have an extensive depth of knowledge in this field. I have published three books on Welsh folklore and legends and have been used by several media outlets as a ‘guest expert’. This means that I am able to tap into a wealth of stories, superstitions and traditions to tell the stories or provide discussions and explanation. This has a multitude of applications such as:

– Writing reports, articles and blogs
– Making documentaries for film, TV and radio
– Giving talks, lectures or guided tours

I also host ‘Folklore Events’ where story tellers and musicians entertain guests. For one client who had bought an historic building and converted it into a boutique hotel I dramatised an old local legend into a’Mummers’ Play’ which was performed at a banquet to show case all that was unique about the location. It create a social media storm with the help of those who attended.

I have also worked with TV production companies, presenting VTs about old British folklore, myths and legends.

Is there something I can help you with? Let’s talk. Email me on the link below.

Graham Loveluck-Edwards
Historian, author & broadcaster

The historian; Graham Loveluck-Edwards is best known as the author of books such as the Legends and Folklore of Glamorgan series. He also produces radio documentaries and films about ancient British, Irish and Welsh folklore, myths and legends and conducts talks on the subject throughout the country.

Many of the films I have made about ancient Welsh folklore, myths, legends and traditions are hosted on my YouTube channel @GrahamLoveluck. There are also various podcasts of my work on the subject and here is an example:

Podcast of my radio show about St Dwynwen and the tradition of Welsh Medieval romantic stories.