Talks and Lectures

If you want to hear me talk about Glamorgan history and folklore, click here for up coming events.


School, college & university lectures

The new schools curriculum in Wales calls for students to receive a far more ’rounded’ understanding of Welsh history and of Wales’ place in global history at large.

I have delivered bespoke talks on a range of topics to all age groups including:

  • Life in Barry in the Tudor period
  • Local legends & folklore
  • Law & order in 17th Century Glamorgan
  • Roman Vale
  • Sea farers of the Vale of Glamorgan
Graham Loveluck-Edwards delivering a history lecture to primary school children
Talking to the children of Romilly Primary School in Barry, about how different their lives would have been in the Tudor period

If you have a brief to fulfil, no matter how broad or specific, I will gladly research and produce a session to run from half an hour to a half day. I can also be on site to deliver such sessions multiple times if needed. I can also tailor my output to cater for the educational needs of children at primary, secondary or tertiary school or college level.

Public events & dinners

Talks & workshops

Are you looking for someone with historical knowledge to educate, or a story teller with relatively unique expertise to entertain? If so, I am a highly regarded public speaker and presenter able to deliver the experience you are looking for.

Every occasion and audience is unique and I pride myself on being able to come up with content that will be ideal for your event.

The sort of audiences I have presented to in the past include:

  • Ramblers taking part in a walking festival that took in places of historic interest
  • Local history groups
  • Revellers at a Craft Ale festival
  • An OAP’s activity group
  • A ‘ghost’ walk
  • After dinner speaking

This ten minute video shows a talk I gave at the Bush Inn in St Hilary near Cowbridge about some interesting local folklore linked to the old pub.

“The 10 days in May walking festival for ‘Visit the Vale’ was a big success and a very important part of that success was having Graham as our expert speaker and historian on each of the walks. His breadth of knowledge and expertise was wide ranging and awesome and his talks and contributions were engaging, entertaining and popular. All the walkers thoroughly enjoyed Graham’s presentation style and storytelling. He is a successful author and is able to tailor his talks and content to different audiences and I would completely recommend his services as an historical speaker and presenter…….and he’s a really good guy!.”

— Chris Jones, Presenter and Broadcaster

Chris Jones Broadcaster
Chris Jones ‘off the telly’

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