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The Glamorgan County Lunatic Asylum

In the 19th century a series of hospitals were built near Bridgend – specifically Glanrhyd, Parc and Penyfai. They were all part of the institution known as the Glamorgan Asylum. But what went on there? Is it the place of horrors so many of us imagine?

We have probably all heard stories that these were places where families dumped unruly children or unmarried mothers. And that once you went in, you never came out. Is there any truth in these suggestion?

It seems there are a lot of urban myths which have been spun down the years, about these places. Some of the people involved with running them were quite visionary in their approach. Others however, were bordering on barbaric. And a lot of personal tragedies can be found amongst the stories of people who were supposedly treated there.

So to find out what the real history is behind all the myths and horror stories I interviewed Louvain Rees (better know as the blogger Hello Historia) who has done extensive research into this institution and the patients and people who worked there.

This programme was first broadcast on Bro Radio on Monday 28th August 2023 and the link below plays a video of the recording. It is an episode from the series ‘History on your doorstep’. Written, presented and published by Welsh author and historian; Graham Loveluck-Edwards. Author of several titles including; Monica; the Historic Pubs of Wales and the ‘Legends and Folklore of Bridgend and the Vale’ series of books which are published by Candy Jar Books LTD (Cardiff). In this series of short videos, I examine a moment or place in Welsh history focussing predominantly on Glamorgan and especially the counties of Bridgend and the Vale of Glamorgan. I hope you enjoy them. And if you do, please subscribe to the channel and share them on social media.

The Glamorgan Asylum video on my YouTube channel

The video is a discussion about the origins of this institution, the ethos behind it with notes on some of the people who worked there. We also look at some of the stories of the patients who were ‘treated’ there.

Graham Loveluck-Edwards and Louvain Rees talk about the Glamorgan Asylum