History of Wales Guided Tours

Guided tour of historic sites in Wales

Personal guided tours from a best selling author on Welsh history. Get under the skin of the places where it all happened.

Immerse yourself in the incredible history of Wales

As you would expect from a country with more castles per capita than any other country on earth, there is hidden history everywhere in Wales. Blink, and you might miss something. This is the land that brought you the adventures of King Arthur and the knights of his round table and the exploits of the fourteenth century freedom fighter; Owain Glyndwr. It is where Kings of England like Edward II, Henry V and Henry VII were born, where the sons of the royal households around the world came in their droves to be taught in the oldest university in Europe and where an eleventh century prince, set sail across the ocean to discover America roughly 400 years before Christopher Columbus was even born.

There is a lot to discover.

So what could be a better way of discovering all the stories Wales has to offer than chartering an expert to take you to the places where it all happened, show you the scars of history and tell you all about how they were inflicted?

Our history contains all the elements you could hope for. Mysteries, romance, treachery, violence and heroism. Numerous novelists, artists and poets can attribute a visit to Wales as the inspiration for their greatest work. Including JRR Tolkien who famously created a world of fantasy in his works in the ‘Lord of the rings’ series. He freely admitted that it was the English translation of the Mabinogion (the oldest collection of secular stories ever written in the UK) and a visit to the places at the heart of those stories that gave him the inspiration for the realms he wrote about.

Now, I’m not promising you will experience the same epiphany. However, as the author of several books myself, all on the subject of Wales’ amazing past (available here) I have the combination of expert knowledge and engaging story telling that will ensure that a visit to any historic site with me will be as much entertaining as educational. And memorable.

Who will be taking you on your tour?

My name is Graham Loveluck-Edwards. I am a passionate historian specialising in the history of Glamorgan and Wales. I have to date written three books on the subject. I also write history columns for the Glamorgan Star newspaper, the Buddy Magazine. I host a history discussion radio show on Bro Radio and have a YouTube channel dedicated to Welsh history. Check it out. It will give you an idea of what I can offer you on a more personal and bespoke level. I have also been involved with many individual projects on the subject of the history of Wales for numerous media outlets including the BBC.

If you would like more information about me, who I am and my work, please click here.

I do not employ staff or helpers, or outsource to others. If you book a history tour with me, it is me you will get taking that tour.

What exactly do I Offer?

  • One to one tours, tours for couples or families or groups up to 50.
  • Expert knowledge of the history, legends and folklore of Wales
  • Itinerary creation
  • Bespoke tours of multiple or single sites
  • Pick up and drop off transport arranged if required
  • Video capture of your tour as a momentum for sharing
  • Books for further reading can be provided
  • Prices start from just £40
  • Payments accepted by cash or credit/debit card on the day or prepayment by bank transfer
  • Pre-booking essential
Welsh history guided tour

Here is an example of one of my recent tour talks

Exert from a tour of the historic pubs of the Vale of Glamorgan – The Captains Wife in Sully
How to book

In an ideal world, I would prefer at least 3 day’s notice of your intention to have a tour. That will allow me to plan the places and stories that you will enjoy the most and will allow me to provide the most cost effective service.

I appreciate that we do not live in an ideal world however, so if I have availability, I can sometimes accommodate last minute bookings but only if they are in the Cardiff/Vale of Glamorgan area.

My first choice for contact would be to email me, using the form below:

Alternatively my telephone number is 07711 118826. Calls accepted only between 9:00am and 7:00pm UK time.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Graham Loveluck-Edwards


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