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The Marian Cult in Porthkerry

The pretty little church of St Curig’s in Porthkerry is peaceful now, but it bears the scars left by a secret cult that operated there. They were branded as ‘Heretics’ so led a clandestine life.

As much as the movement was once rife throughout post-reformation Britain, it fizzled out in most parts. But here in Porthkerry it may have prospered for over 200 years.

Who were these people? What put them at odds with the established church? And what is the significance of the emblems they carved into the tombs and the door?

This video is from the ‘History of the Vale of Glamorgan’ series. Written, presented and published by Welsh author and historian; Graham Loveluck-Edwards. Author of the book ‘Legends and Folklore of Bridgend and the Vale’ which is published by Candy Jar Books LTD (Cardiff). In this series of short videos, I examine some of hidden history on our doorsteps, talk about what went on, what it meant and how it sat in the context of the wider history of Wales. I hope you enjoy them. And if you do, please subscribe to this channel and share them on social media.

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