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New book coming out about old pubs

I have been working on a book about old pubs through a year when all the pubs were closed. fortunately I managed to get all my ground research done over the preceding 30 years.

There are so many amazing stories associated with these ancient pubs in Wales. Some of them true, some of them exaggerated and some of them just plain mad. And in this book I have captured over 86 of them from all over Wales.

Like the pub which claims to have an elephant buried under its beer garden, the pub where funeral parties take a short cut through the bar to keep an ancient right of access alive, the pub haunted by a randy ghost, the pub with a Roman bath in the cellar, the pub that invented pancake day and many, many more. Is there any truth in them? This book captures them all and puts them in the context of the history of their area and time so you can be the judge. And what about the age-old question of which is the oldest pub in Wales? We have eight different establishments all claiming it’s them, so which one is right? 

Throughout my book I try to clear some of the fog. A task made all the more difficult because many publicans in the 18th and 19th century had very vivid imaginations. Some of them made the most outlandish claims about their pubs to attract tourists, which in themselves make for fascinating reading. 

This book is packed with legend, folklore and some dubious interpretations of history. But when you put it all together it gives us some amazing insights into Wales in a bygone era and the pubs our ancestors used to drink in. It also highlights the modern plight of the ancient boozer. So many amazing pubs, with fascinating histories which you will find in these pages are for sale, are on the brink or are already lost to us.

If that sounds like your sort of thing, there is a website where you can pre order it. Just click on the link.

New book. Coming out this summer.

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