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Bro Radio interview about “Legends” book

I’ve had quite a bit of publicity this week around the launch of my new book “Legends and Folklore of Bridgend and the Vale”. All of it local to the Vale of Glamorgan.

This radio interview was aired on Wednesday 30th September 2020 on Bro Radio’s “The Vale this week”. It was a lot of fun and hopefully will give you a better idea what the book is all about.

Plenty of fun facts about dragons, goblins and demon dogs from the Vale of Glamorgan’s ancient and colourful folklore.

If you want buy a copy (and why wouldn’t you?) you can do so at

Dan Mofatt of Bro Radio interviews Graham Loveluck-Edwards about his new book “Legends and Folklore of Bridgend and the Vale”.

2 thoughts on “Bro Radio interview about “Legends” book

  1. Hi Graham. Congratulations on your book, I hope it does really well. So how do I get hold of a copy signed by the esteemed author?

    1. Just go to and I will sign it when I see your order Roger. It’ll be a first edition too. Might be Worth something when I kick the bucket 😂😂

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